The Class of 1989 20 year reunion is scheduled for October 16th - 18th. Dinner will be on October 17th at Professor Steakhouse.

Hi everyone. Well it has been 4 years since we had our 15 year reunion in Hays, Kansas. It was during Homecoming weekend, October 1st and 2nd, and it was a great time. We are all sorry that there was not enough time to plan a larger reunion and we are sorry to have missed so many classmates this year. There will be a section up soon with all sorts of fun things that took place during the reunion. Please check back often. There is a form set up for you to fill out and submit with your latest information. Please take the time to fill it out now.

If you would like to see some pictures Tray took at the reunion , click here.

Soon there will be information available to you about your classmates and other things. As well as a directory with email addresses, family sections with family photos, 500-1000 word essay on what you have been doing the last 15 years and much, much more.

We will be posting some forms on the site, for you as a classmate, to help keep our database up to date. The plan, also, is to set up a place for you to post your own photos for other classmates to view. These can be family photos, trips, or wedding pictures. They will be put into classmates own sections as the site builds.

As this is Trays first time working with forms, you may encounter some glitches. We appreciate any concerns you have about the site as well as problems you may have run into. You can email Tray at tray@traynichols.com. We would also like some help with information to find our missing classmates. A list will be posted with the names of the missing, soon.

We encourage you as an alumni of the Class of 1989, to submit your suggestions and pages you may have designed for this site. If you wish to lay out your own section out for the web site, you are welcome to do so. Please make sure all files are in a root folder with your name (for example: nicholst or hamelj) as the folder name. Those folders will be uploaded to the server and linked from the classmates section of the site. We hope you will get involved in an exciting future with hhs1989reunion.com.

We all look forward to seeing and hearing from you all, and look forward to seeing everyone at the 20th Reunion. We hope you and your families are in good health and wish you all the best in your futures.

©2008 HHS, Classof1989

Comments, please contact classof89@traynichols.com.