My immediate family consists of:
Mother - Suzanne Johnson
Father - Ray Nichols
Stepmother - Jill Cypher
Sister - Terre Nichols
Brother - Stephen Johnson
Stepfather - Fred Johnson

So there will be more pictures and things written about my family, but for now I only have a few pictures from my dad and aunts visit to NYC with their families. There are also pictures taken by myself and cousin Lizzy Dixon from the Johnson Family reunion that was held on 4th of July weekend, 2003. You can see pictures of our pets here. My dad has been doing a lot of work on our family tree tracing our ancestors back as far as the mid 1500s.

These are photos of my grandparents, Raymond and Nowlan Nichols (left) and Attie and Meacom Stephens (right).
Dates unknown.

Please check back again and hopefully I will have something more written about my family.